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Promoting a 

thriving and caring community

Grange Big Local (GBL) is a resident-led, lottery funded community project working in a small pocket of East Finchley, nestled between the North Circular, East End Road, Church Lane, and the High Road. We've been awarded a lottery grant of £1 million to make a positive difference to our area and it's local residents that decide where the money goes.

Our Residents Can Flourish

We will work with residents to create an inclusive and caring community, building solidarity and allowing people to support each another.


In this final term, we will focus on empowering the community to run their own projects and organise events that bring the community together. Our plan is to do 1-2 rounds of Community Grants, both for individuals and organisations.

Our Environment Can Blossom

We want to promote our local environment, whilst nurturing and growing a green, attractive ecology that provides opportunities and a variety of experiences for everyone who lives here.

Our focus is to make more improvements to the Underpass. This is an important pedestrian passage and improving it will make the area safer, as well as encourage active transport.

Our Economy Can Grow

We want to support residents to ensure that those who are struggling feel empowered and have the agency to determine their direction of growth. We hope to contribute to the reduction of structural and systemic inequality in any way we can.


We will focus on the Big Local Basic Income Pilot, which has seen significant support in consultation. There is still work to be done on finalising the pilot, which the community will lead on.


We will continue to work in community capacity building  after the closure of the Grange Big Local project in 2026.


By sharing stories of past successes and the transformation achieved, we can inspire and encourage others to continue this work. A Fun Palace to celebrate our achievements and to mark the conclusion of this project will take place. 

Our 2023-2026 Plan

For these next three years, we have split our work into four different strands.


Grange Big Local

Find out more about who we are, the Big Local programme in general, as well as our vision and mission for our community. 


How to get involved

We’re always looking for new recruits to join our family of volunteers! Be it through joining the partnership board, giving us a hand with projects, or helping out at one-off events.


Contact Us

Current projects

Get the latest on all the community projects we've got in the works!

Our current and previous plans

Read up on our current three-year plan and some of the other consultation we've carried out in our community

Wellbeing & Support

Our pool of public resources to help our community in this time of need.

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