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This is a funding pot open to individual residents and local organisations for inclusive and accessible community projects that will make a positive difference to our patch of East Finchley. 

Community Grants Applications are now closed.

Welcome to the Grange Big Local Community Grants application page.

To see examples of our previous grants, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Grange Big Local are offering grants of up to £600 to Individuals, and up to £10,000 to Organisations.

All GBL Community Grants are subject to the same criteria:

1) Benefitting the residents of GBL

Grange Big Local are offering grants to Individuals and Organisations that want to deliver activities wholly or mostly benefitting the residents of the Grange Big Local area.


If you have an idea for a community project, but are unsure of the resources (venues, green spaces, etc) available to you in the Grange Big Local area - to support your project, please get in touch with the GBL staff team who can support you in mapping the relevant resources and contacts.

2) Aligned with GBL priorities

As well as benefitting residents of the GBL area, your project should fit into one of the 3 activity areas identified in the Grange Big Local activity plan:

  1. Residents can flourish - We will work with residents to create an inclusive and caring community, building solidarity and allowing people to support each another.

  2. Environment can blossom - We want to promote our local environment, whilst nurturing and growing a green, attractive ecology that provides opportunities and a variety of experiences for everyone who lives here.

  3. Economy can grow - We want to support residents to ensure that those who are struggling feel empowered and have the agency to determine their direction of growth. We hope to contribute to the reduction of structural and systemic inequality in any way we can.

Timeline for the Grants

Applications closed on the 31st of May 2024.

We aim to approve successful applications by mid June.

Funds could be dispersed by late June, for applicants who wish to run projects during the summer months, so please note on your application if you wish to start the project early. Please also check the relevant checklist on the right, as we'll need these documents if your application is successful, the quicker we can access them, the sooner we can disperse funds.

Otherwise, funds will be distributed by mid July latest.

All projects should be completed 1st November and reported on by 30th November.

For those interested in applying, but have not met the deadline, please get in touch on as we may have opportunities for you quite soon, so it'd be great to know you're interested!

Who Can Apply

Priority will be given to residents of the GBL area for individual grants, but we still welcome individual applications from non-residents if they wish to deliver in the area. Providing the project meets the funding criteria, the application will be considered.

Organisations should be a registered charity or a not for profit group or club; with a constitution, or rules, or a terms of reference. Organisations should also have a management committee, with at least three members and have policy and procedures in place, and a bank account in the organisation’s name with two unrelated people to sign cheques.

How decisions are made

The Grange Big Local board will assess all qualifying applications and will make the final decision on which applications are successful.


We are so chuffed to catch you all up on the Community Grants projects that took place in the last round of grants!

Individual residents were given the opportunity to apply for up to £500 to fund grassroots, community projects that would make a positive difference to our patch of East Finchley, whilst local organisations could apply for grants of up to £10,000 to fund accessible and inclusive projects that would bring the whole community together.

Our Community Grants recipients worked so hard to find innovative ways to adapt to lockdown restrictions, and the feedback from participants shows how worthwhile that extra work was! Click on the images below to hear a bit about how the projects went and feedback from participants!

What's coming up in

the next month?

See below for a month-by-month run down of our upcoming Community Grant projects 

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