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All our Community Projects are done with the benefit of the community in mind and fit into one of our three themes: Our Residents Can Flourish, Our Environment Can Blossom, and Our Economy Can Grow.

We want to make sure we're addressing the community need through projects that are as accessible and inclusive as they can be. So, if you have any questions on the projects below or ideas on how to make our patch of East Finchley an even better place to live, drop us a line!

GBL Community


After proudly announcing a bumper crop of 17 successful grant recipients for our 2020-2021 round of funding, many of the grantees have taken the plunge and launched their projects which will all make a huge, positive difference on our patch of East Finchley.


Find out more here

Universal Basic Income Pilot

We're currently exploring the possibility and benefits of hosting a UBI pilot in our patch of East Finchley, along with a number of other Big Local areas across England.

Our next stage of development is going to centre around research and pooling together resources, as well as bringing together a group of people to form a dedicated UBI task force charged with shaping the pilot and pushing the agenda forward.



A long standing infrastructure project for us, we've made some good progress on our renovation of Manor Park Road and Trinity Road Underpass in the past few months.

We're in the process of bringing a Project Manager on board to oversee the works. So, watch this space! 

Age UK Mini-bus

We've partnered with Age UK Barnet in a mini-bus service for local, older residents, to help them get to the shops and their Covid vaccinations.

From 9am-3pm Monday-Friday (and some weekends) they are ferrying two residents at a time to get to their vaccination appointment, whilst on Fridays they'll be doing one round trip to the local supermarket. Give them a ring on 020 8203 5040 to reserve your spot!

Market Place Playground

This project remains a priority for both us and the community, with many residents agreeing that more and better play areas would make our area even better.

We have supported the formation of the Friends of Market Place Playground group, who have taken the lead on community organising, fundraising, lobbying, and overseeing the design of the renovated playground.

Follow the group on Facebook or Twitter to get the latest news!

GBL Youth Forum

We're hoping to create a GBL Youth Forum, made up of local young people aged between 10-15 years old. 

This youth group will be a space designed for young people, by young people. We want them to be at the centre of change in our local area, calling the shots and deciding what projects, events, or programmes they want to happen.

Contact us at to be looped into the next steps!

Community Fridge 

GBL has recently been exploring the possibility of installing a community fridge at Tarling Road Community Centre. We are currently in talks with Hubbub and Co-op, who have partnered to install 250 community fridges across the UK. We have also been working alongside Barnet Council and Tarling Road Community Centre to secure a location for the fridge, that is accessible to all in our area.


A community fridge is a public space where local residents can share and access surplus food. This includes donations from local businesses. The fridge would enable our community of East Finchley to prevent food waste and redistribute food amongst the community, by linking up all the different food projects in the area.


You may have noticed on our social media we have started a call out for groups of volunteers to manage the running of the community fridge. If you feel like this is something you would be interested in we'd love to have you on board! Please let us know at