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Every couple of years, Grange Big Local creates a plan that maps out our agenda for the next few years. Each plan is grounded in extensive consultation with our community, making sure that residents' voice lie at the very centre of our work. 

Our 2020-2023 plan.

Our 2020-2023 Plan outlines our agenda for the next three years. It's a community-owned manifesto for change that is rooted in the conversations we've had and the relationships we've nurtured in our community.


It's a plan that builds on our past successes and brings together much of our work to date, revolving around three key themes:


  1. Our Residents Can Flourish

  2. Our Environment Can Blossom

  3. Our Economy Can Grow

Over at Grange Big Local towers, we're really excited about this next chapter for our patch of  East Finchley. So, give our plan a read and let us know what you think!

If you want a bit of backstory to the Grange Big Local journey, you can have a look at our previous 2016-2018 and 2018-2020 plans here

Our latest community profile.

Annual reports.

Grange Big Local works to a plan that is based on local consultation and research, which is then agreed with Local Trust.


Over the course of autumn 2019, we did a huge offline and online community survey, as well as speaking to people in the street, at community events, and at local groups and organisations. The resulting document was our updated Community Profile which we used to inform our 2020-2023 Plan for the area.


You can find our previous Community Profile here.

We report on our work by producing an annual report each year. Have a browse of them below - any feedback is more than welcome!

GBL annual report


GBL annual report 


GBL annual Report


GBL annual report 


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