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The Grange

Big Local Area.

We know it can seem a bit vague when we talk about the 'Grange Big Local area.' So, on this page, we've mapped out all the roads and postcodes that we cover below.

You can find a more detailed map of the area here as well!


Roads in the

GBL area

Postcodes in the GBL area

Benedict Way

Blackdown Close

Brackenbury Road

Brendon Grove

Briar Close

Brighton Road

Brownswell Road

Cecilia Close

Central Avenue

Challoner Close

Chamberlain Road

Church Lane

Clare Close

Claybrook Close

East End Road (from North Circular until junction with Church Lane)

Elm Gardens

Fallows Close

Font Hills

Hamilton Road

Helen Close

High Road (from junction with North Circular to junction with Church Lane)

Hobbs Green

Juliana Close

King Street

Long Lane (from junction with North Circular until junction with Church Lane)

Lucas Gardens

Manor Cottages Approach

Manor Park Road

New Oak Road

New Trinity Road

Oak Lane

Ploughman's Walk

Pumphandle Path

Red Lion Hill

Richmond Road

Sedgemere Avenue

Simms Gardens

Sylvester Road

Tarling Road

Taunton Drive

The Grange Estate

The Mead

Thomas More Way

Trinity Road

Vanderville Gardens

William Close

Willow Walk

N2 0FD

N2 0RS

N2 0RX

N2 0RY

N2 0RZ

N2 0SB

N2 0SD

N2 0SG

N2 0SH

N2 0SJ

N2 0SL

N2 0SN

N2 0SP

N2 0SQ

N2 0SS

N2 0ST

N2 0SU

N2 0SW

N2 0SX

N2 0SY

N2 0SZ

N2 0TA

N2 0TB

N2 0TD

N2 0TE

N2 0TF

N2 0TG

N2 0TH

N2 0TJ

N2 0TQ

N2 0UL

N2 0UL

N2 0UR

N2 0UT

N2 0UU

N2 0UY

N2 0XH

N2 8DR

N2 8DS

N2 8DT

N2 8DU

N2 8DX

N2 8DX

N2 8DY

N2 8DZ

N2 8EA

N2 8ED

N2 8EE

N2 8EF

N2 8EG

N2 8EH

N2 8EJ

N2 8EL

N2 8EN

N2 8EP


N2 8EQ

N2 8ER

N2 8ES

N2 8EW

N2 8HB

N2 8HD

N2 8HE

N2 8HG

N2 8HH

N2 8HJ

N2 8HL

N2 8HN

N2 8HR

N2 8HS

N2 8HT

N2 8HU

N2 8JB

N2 8JD

N2 8JE

N2 8JF

N2 8JG

N2 8JH

N2 8JJ

N2 8JL

N2 8JN

N2 8JP

N2 8JR

N2 8JS

N2 8JT

N2 8JU

N2 8JW

N2 8JX

N2 8JZ

N2 8LA

N2 8LB

N2 8LD

N2 8LE

N2 8LF

N2 8LG

N2 8LN

N2 8LP

N2 8LT

N2 8LU

N2 8LX

N2 8LY

N2 8NA

N2 8NB

N2 8ND

N2 8NE

N2 8NG

N2 8NH

N2 8NJ

N2 8NL

N2 8PA

N2 8PB


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