The Grange Big Local Plan for the two years from April 2016 has now been endorsed.


The Plan can be downloaded here











An accompanying news release can be found here.


Key strategic areas that the Grange Big Local partnership consulted on are:


1. Community hubs

We want the community to feel connected and for there to be public spaces for people to meet up and take part.


2. Children and young people

Better facilities for children and young people have been consistently supported in all our consultations. We want to support projects for local children and young people.


3. Enterprise and employment

We want to support local enterprise. We want to help people to get jobs and gain skills.


4. Open spaces and environment

We want people to be proud of the place where they live and to feel a sense of ownership.


5. Inclusion

We want everyone to feel included in the community and to support each other. We recognise that we live in an area of great diversity, including a significant number of older and disabled people, and carers.


6. Information and advice

We want to support access to information and advice, including advice on benefits, debt management, housing and consumer rights.


Partnership support and development


In order to do this we will develop Board Member skills. We want to involve more people from the community and to leave a sustainable legacy.


This plan covers the next two years in some detail and outlines outcomes we want to achieve in ten years’ time.







Grange Big Local Plan cover 2016