Our environment can blossom

Our vision for our local environment is that we will nurture and grow a green, attractive ecology that provides opportunities and a variety of experiences for all who live in the area. We understand that residents see the Underpass project and Market Place playground as priorities to improving the area. Residents are also keen to take advantage of the activities at Barnwood N2 and to get involved in environmental projects to improve air pollution, as well as projects to keep their area clean and beautiful.


In this three year plan, we will focus on improving both the Underpass and Market Place playground, organising community clean-ups, and take every opportunity to celebrate our local environment.

Market Place Playground


This is a priority for both us and the community, with many residents agreeing that more and better play areas is a key priority.


We have been in contact with Barnet council regarding Market Place in order to discuss why it is not considered more of a priority and we are actively looking for residents who are keen on forming a "Friends Of Market Place Playground" group - get in touch with us at [email protected] if you're interested in getting involved!

Barnwood N2


Formerly a small, dilapitated area of woodland on Tarling Road, Barnwood N2 has blossomed into a community forest garden with the support of GBL and Barnet Council.


Officially opening in late 2019, Barnwood N2 is now established as a charity and we will continue to work together with them on inclusive, accessible programming to take the first steps in levelling out the ecology inequality in the area. Make sure to give them a follow on Instagram and Twitter to keep updated!

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Manor Park Road and Trinity Road Underpass


This is a longstanding infrastructure project that GBL have been pottering away at for some time. As it stands, in 2016, The Finchley & Golders Green Area Committee agreed to support our £9999 grant application, on top of the £20,000 we have already ringfenced for the project. You can also find the Underpass feasibility report here.


These past few weeks, we have been on the ground, conducting observational surveys and chatting with residents about their ideas for transforming the Underpass into a welcoming and accessible space for residents and users alike. After this stage of further community consultation, we hope to be in a good place to start liaising on physical renovations to the space.

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Open Spaces Strategy


When we asked local residents what issues they would like to address, a lack of local functional outdoor space, in particular playgrounds, arose as an issue. So we commissioned Space + Place Design to produce an open spaces and environment strategy for the Grange Big Local area.  Find the strategy below:

GBL area map 2019