1 April 2016


Residents’ plan for East Finchley gets approval for lottery funding


Residents involved in Grange Big Local today announced the launch of their lottery-funded plan which is set to transform local estates and surrounding areas in East Finchley.


This comes after Local Trust assessed the Grange Big Local Plan, which was developed by volunteers supported by a community partnership manager.  The grant funding for the Plan, covering a two year period from 1 April 2016, was approved in a letter sent to Grange Big Local Partnership Chair Pat Murphy in mid-March.


The funding for this period, including a contribution to Big Local partnership running costs and grant administration, comes to £292,950.  The grant is made to CommUNITY Barnet, which is working with the Grange Big Local Partnership.  This funding is supported through Big Local and administered by Local Trust for the Big Lottery Fund.


Grange Big Local Partnership Chair Pat Murphy said:


“We are delighted that Local Trust have endorsed our Plan!  We can now start making a real difference on the ground in our pocket of East Finchley.  Having lived on the Grange Estate for a number of years I am pleased that it has been a focus for the project and we are also planning on engaging people in other parts of the area including the Font Hills and Thomas More estates. We have lots of exciting ideas, including holding our annual festival in September, working with local charities, and improving the facilities in the area.”


CommUNITY Barnet CEO Julie Pal said:


“CommUNITY Barnet are delighted to be working with Grange Big Local.  The endorsement of the Plan by Local Trust is a significant milestone and will enable a locally-led approach to be developed to making this corner of East Finchley a better place to live.  We look forward to supporting the Grange Big Local Partnership Board as it starts to deliver on its plan.”


The key strategic areas that the Grange Big Local partnership will focus on are: 1.Community hubs, 2.Children and young people, 3.Enterprise and employment, 4.Open spaces and environment, 5.Inclusion, 6.Information and advice


You can find the Grange Big Local plan at