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Coach Trip

Saturday 17th August


Follow the link to join our subsidised coach trip to Southend!



Grange Big Local Fun Palace


Sunday 6th October 12-4pm


Each year we hold a festival, partly to bring the community together, partly to show off local talent and partly to get more people involved with Grange Big Local! We want to hear your ideas about the programme and invite you to join us.



Get involved


Our festival will be a Fun Palace – part of a national programme that’s all about volunteering to share your talents with the community.


If you have a talent or a passion you would like to share then please get in touch. Whatever it is – whether it is henna, or singing, or balloon-modelling, or cake decorating or knitting, we would love to hear from you. This is an opportunity to volunteer, but we can pay expenses like materials.


If you don’t want to run an activity but would like to help on the day, stringing up bunting, making tea and coffee, or directing people, we would also love your help. Email  if you would like to find out more.









More about Fun Palaces


Fun Palaces are all about putting culture in the heart of local communities - about people sharing their passions and talents with their neighbours, but the easiest way to understand them is through their guidelines:


1.Anyone can hold a Fun Palace, anywhere, on any scale.

2.Fun Palaces are free. There are no charges for activities and nobody selling anything. OK, we might sell food, but you are welcome to bring your own, and we give away tea, coffee and biscuits. You can come along without a penny in your pocket and take part in everything.

3.Culture is whatever people want to learn and whatever people want to share. So, in the past we have had cognitive neuroscience and bubble-blowing; watercolour painting and nail painting; calligraphy in Farsi and Gujarati and circus skills. The people running activities are your neighbours, your local businesses, and local charities.

4.Fun Palaces are about having a go, learning something new and being inspired. If your neighbours can do it, so can you.

5.Fun Palaces are for everyone, all ages and abilities. And they are local, radical and fun.



Films of past GBL Fun Palaces 


















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